2012-03-17 Rocket Launch

Amature Rocketry

Our first launch of a sugar rocket on a stick. By all right, it should not have been launched without a parachute. However, we have perfect visibility for a mile circle, and launched at an angle to keep it away from us. Don’t do this. We’ll not do this again, ourselves.

Shortly after launch, we had our first PVC glue failure. The end cap blew off. I think the fuel had too fast of a burn rate (too hot).  When this happened, it the motor ripped itself from the stick. Despite this, we got a max altitude of aprox 400 ft.  I know the flight isn’t strictly parabolic, but it’s by best guess.

(16 ft/sec^2) * (0.5*10sec)^2 = 400′

Launch site is over water.  Nearest house is about one mile away.  Motor was found, after splashing through about 2′ of water, nose down, embed in packed sand about 2 inches about 600′ from the launch site.  This was way too close for me,  next time will increase the angle of launch tube.  Will add those bath water dyes for children, to make it easier to spot.

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