2012-02-26 Test Motor Test #10

Amature Rocketry

Our first 2.2 oz motor. Also our first test with my homemade data acquisition system and at Otway. It is arduino based connected to a in-expensive load cell. Beats the heck out of reading the scale one frame at a time. See the test plan for a more detailed desc of the thrust measurement rig.

Test Plan located at:
Test Plan

A test plan is a good idea. Can hand it to anyone with questions and eliminate a lot of trouble and concern.

Also, note the plywood, placed to protect against most unfortunate incidents.

Test Data

average 9.51 lbs2 42.33 newtons
max 23.18 lbs 103.10 newtons
Total Impulse 12.59 lbs-s 56.01 N-s
Class 50F42


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