2012-01-31 Rocket Motor Test 3

Amature Rocketry

My favorite video.

This is the test that prompted our forced re-location to our field in Otway. This re-location makes us use less than 2.2 oz of propellant per the ATF regs (have to transport it) for now on. Reminder, if you do this stuff, make sure you understand the laws. I wouldn’t image federal explosives charges would be any fun at all. Recommend talking to your field agent.

The kitty litter end cap failed. We half expected it to. The cheaper kitty litter didn’t feel right when I packed it. It shot a wad of propellant 50-75 ft into the air where it just floated around until it burnt off. Pretty actually. When the end cap failed, it caused the motor to get ejected from the stand. Pretty dangerous actually. Glad we were way the heck away from it.

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