Time Lapse video from Dayton, OH to Harkers Island NC.

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Time lapse video taken from Dayton, Ohio to Harkers Island, North Carolina. Less than 30 mins total about 12 hours drive time. The sun rises about four minutes into the video (if the night is unbearable, fast forward 4:00). You can see it set about 15 minutes later. A whole day of driving compressed into less than 20 minutes.

The route was out of Ohio, through West Virginia, Virginia, than through NC. A large portion of it was though the Appalachian Mountains. If you look carefully at the video you can see it starting to sleet, then snow for a period.

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image_map image_map image_map

Created with a cheap webcam (Dynex┬« – 1.3MP Webcam) connected to a MacBook running Gawker. Created two iterations of custom mounts. The first was created out of PVC with holes cut so the head rest of the car’s seat could pass though it. The second was a wooden spoon held to the rearview mirror using a clamp and zip-ties.

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